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Here are some bouquets of flowers...

A bouquet of red roses

A bouquet in basket with hurricane lamp

Bouquet of pink roses with leaves and ribbons

Bouquet in a wooden basket

Dozen red roses in a clear vase

Another dozen red roses in a clear vase

Small bouquet of mixed flowers

Small nosegay of mixed flowers

Dozen red roses in a red vase

Bouquet of spring flowers in a watering can

Smaller bouquet of spring flowers in watering can

Cute spring bouquet

Bouquet of red and yellow flowers

Bouquet of purple pansies in a cup

Bunch of yellow and blue pansies

Large bouquet of roses
(better on light backgrounds)

Pretty bouquet of pink roses

Blue flowers in a green vase

A basket of flowers

Pink and blue flowers

Rose bouquet

Pink roses bouquet

Multi-color rose bouquet

Violets in a teapot

A basket of lilacs

A basket of pretty mixed flowers

A mixed flower basket

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