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.....Dear Jesus, are you busy right now? Can I talk to You for a while?

Of course you can, child. I am always here for you.

I know. I can feel You there even when nobody is here with me.

I said..."Suffer the little children to come unto Me"

But Jesus, I'm too little to suffer. I cried too long last night and they shook me so hard. I got so scared. I cried even more. But that made them madder. It hurt so bad. Now I'm just sleeping.
I heard You call my name, I think.

O, My Child...
When I said that, I was talking about how children have great faith. That children should not be prevented from coming to seek Me. That I love children enough to die for them.
So they can have a Home in Heaven.

Jesus? I have great faith...
Can I come and live with You?
I could be an angel.

Yes, child, perhaps it is time for you to come with Me. You are a beautiful angel.

Can I wake up now?

Yes. Together we will teach the world how precious children are. Come sit with Me, and you will never suffer again.
I love you.
Welcome Home.

Thank you, Jesus.

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'scuse me....Jesus?
Hello, Jesus...

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