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Sometimes it's hard to find new ways to describe all the floral bars. Many are of multi-colored flowers or unknown varieties. I've tried to do the best I could so you would have an idea of what it was like before you clicked on it.

Large bar of blue flowers

Large bar of pink flowers

Large blue flower bar

Large pink flower bar

Blue flower and ribbon bar

Yellow tulip bar

Large pink, yellow and blue flower bar

Blue flower bar

Gold leaf bar

Small pink rose bar

Flower and leaf bar

Blue flower and leaf bar

Yellow rose bar

Another yellow rose bar

Small pink heart rose with buds bar

Gold flower bracket bar (top)

Gold flower bracket bar (bottom)

Daisy and leaf bar

A row of white daisies

Row of bright yellow daisies

Red and green floral bar

Pink flowers and leaf bar

Large pink and blue flower bar

Single red rose bar

Pink and blue flower bar

Multi-color flower bar

Green fern and yellow flower bar

Red rose, leaves, and tulips bar

Pink flowers and butterfly bar

Buttery yellow flowers and pink buds bar

Green fern with small yellow flowers bar

Green bar with flowers in center and on ends

Seven yellow-orange daisies

Small pink flowerbar

Deep pink rosebud bar

Multi color rose bar

Pink rose bar

See through roses
They will be the color of your background

Green tree line

Pink rose and fern bar

Eight red roses in a wide bar

Yellow sunflower bar

Grapevine with sunflowers

Sunflowers with a burnt orange bar top and bottom

Row of sunflowers

Bright colored tiny flowerbar

Purple pansy bar

Small green flowers

Small pink flowers and leaves

Green leaf bar

Bright pink petunia bar

Purple flower bar

A branch

Yellow, apricot floral bar

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