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...Hello, Jesus. It's me come to visit with you again. Are you busy or can you talk?

O, My child, you make Me smile. I love our little talks. What is it today?

I just wanted to say thank you for the pretty day. I went out and played in the sandbox. Do you ever get to play, Jesus?

Yes, I do. Much more often than people realize.

Really? I thought all You did was work and save people and serious things. When You play, what do You do?

Why just yesterday I made at least 1,992 rainbows all over the world. Do you know why I make those rainbows?

Because You like to paint with clouds?

No, child, it is because I want all people to remember the promise that was made. It is called a covenant. It was a promise made long ago by My Father that He would never destroy the world again with a flood like Noah had to endure. And to remind people of that everlasting promise, He put a bow in the sky for all to see after the rains.

I didn't know that. How can I find out more about Your promises?

I have left a record of My promises. I would be very happy if you would read about them. And share the promises I made with all the world. I inspired men to write My stories for you in a book called The Holy Bible. It is My gift to all My children.

Thank you, Jesus.

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