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This is where I've put all different kinds of flowers together. In most cases there wasn't enough of one variety to dedicate an entire page to it. So I've put them all here in a pretty garden for you to stroll through. I hope you come back often as this will probably be the area of the website that grows the quickest. As I find new and beautiful flowers, I will add them.
Once again....Enjoy your visit.


Two orange daisies

A bright orange daisy

A white daisy opens

A pink daisy opens

A blue daisy opens

A yellow daisy opens

Two small yellow daisies

Two small yellow daisies

A bunch of white daisies

A larger bunch of white daisies

One yellow daisy with leaves

Large hot pink daisy

Single white daisy

Single orange daisy


Pink gladiola on a stem

Yellow gladiola on a stem

A single pink gladiola bloom

A pink gladiola


A purple lilac

A purplish pink lilac

A larger purplish pink lilac


A variegated pink lily

Two deep pink lilies on a stem

Blinking blue lilies

Single blue lily

Mixed or Unidentified Flowers

A yellow azalea

A yellow wax begonia

A pink carnation

A hot pink impatiens

A bunch of pretty pink flowers

Two little yellow daffodils

A bunch of daffodils


Two poppy-like flowers

Daisies, poppies, and pansies

Aqua flowers with rose and pansy (left)

Aqua flowers with rose and pansy (right)

Two morning glories

Glowing morning glories

Pretty rust colored flowers

A bee buzzes around a pink flower

Peach, pink and fuchsia flowers

Pretty, single light blue flower

Two small light blue flowers

Three small light blue flowers

A pink flower with buds

Pretty pink petunia

Pink rhododendron

Some tiny pink flowers and leaves

Small orange-yellow flowers

A weeping violet

A bunch of pink flowers

A vertical bunch of pink flowers (R)

A vertical bunch of pink flowers (L)

A pretty bright pink flower

A pretty little gray flower

Mum and Dahlia

Yellow mum

Peach mum

Coral dahlia


Three pansies with leaves

Purple pansy with yellow center

Purple and yellow pansy

Light and dark purple pansy

Cream and cranberrry pansy

A white cart of purple pansies


Two red peonies

Four small pink peonies in a square

Plants or Greens

A single leaf (left)

A single green leaf (right)

A green plant in a blue pot

A green plant in a clay pot

A large windowbox of green plants

Green plant in a clay pot

Hanging plant with flowers

A bonzai

Another bonzai

A green fern

Another green fern

Bay leaves


Mint leaves


Tropical Flowers

Bird Of Paradise flower

Pink tropical flower


A bunch of pink tulips

Single red tulip

Large single purple tulip

Three little tulips

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